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    Indiana Pacers player Paul George had a signing today a local grocery store.
    4/4 11x14s

    Michael J. Fox had a speech earlier in the week. Got him after and when he flew out.
    2/2 11x14s

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    Those PG's look great. Did you have stuff for the other guys that were there? (I think it was Green, Darnell Hillman, and maybe someone else)
    My collecting habits are continually changing. Right now focusing on ABA basketball and TTM autos. Always looking for lots of 70's basketball cards.
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    recent adds:
    BB King 1/1 11x14

    Jamey Johnson 1/3 8x10s

    Rodrigue Beaubois 3/3 8x10s; OJ Mayo 1/1 8x10

    Danny Granger 2/2

    Paul George 2/2

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