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    Pricing Guides

    Does any one know of online pricing guides OTHER than Beckett? I like Beckett but can't afford the $31 a month for their service right now. I checked out Tuff Stuff, but their guides didnt have anything past 2008.

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    I don't think there is one. I know there are web sites that you can pay to see the history of what something sold for on eBay so that would kinda be a price guide if you want to go that route.
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    $31.00 a month!!!! ????

    For something that has absolutely no relationship to actual values??


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    Someone on SCF mentioned Freebaseballcardspriceguide.It seems reasnably priced and there are other sports on the same web site.

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    9.00 month for football only
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    yeah you can buy the magazine every month for les than $31. that must be for all sports. check it again bud.

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    Try this for football. All in all it seems fairly accurate for SV although they don't list every card and only goes up to 2009.

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    I use they use beckett for the BV
    now they dont have every single card out there but they have tons
    great site
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    Anyone know what the yearly price is for the football beckett these days?

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