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    Going to card shop on friday what should i buy spending $500++++

    Broke box of COntenders, Sp Authentic, Gridiron Gear and LCM take a look on page 4

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    id recommend the topps prestine box or even a pack these have always been nice last time i got a pack i got a Tom brady uncirculated #d to 100 jersy card a maurice clarret GU jersey #d to 699 and an Auto card in one pack runs at about 30$ but the brady alone covered that cost

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    i would have to pass on getting leaf limited i have bought 2 packs of that and have been burnt everytime with only pulling $20 cards out of a $60 pack

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    Try Leaf Certified Materials. Those are always very very nice. Another Id recommend, is Sweet Spot. 2 Nice autos per box. But the price is high.

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    i called up and reserved myself one box of 05 Playoff COntenders and 05 Sp Authentic. So i am getting them two for sure

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    oh but go with gridiorn gear its new product has some amazing patches better then exqusite

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