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    Topps TX Super Bowl Ticket Auto Terry Bradshaw FT

    Hey, been awhile since I was on the boards, sold out my collection with the addition of a new daughter in the family and haven't felt the need to pick it back up. Gonna start with this single card, as I only have about four highenders at the moment.... a big change from the old days!

    2007 Topps TX Super Bowl MVP ticket auto Terry Bradshaw. First of all, you won't find these on ebay for the big names. There are only 10 Super Bowl ticket autos of the big ones. The last Bradshaw sold over 16 months ago at $390. The last recent big names were a Joe Namath at $365 and a Tom Brady at $600. A Bart Starr went for close to $450.

    I'm firm on what I am asking on it, so I'll lay it out there very plainly and let you think it over. I have an offer of $300 cash. For me, selling it for $300 cash right away beats putting it to auction to get more but pay fees. If I am selling it that's the best offer turned away. I am actually looking to trade it for basketball, since most of the locals around here focus on that. However, if trading, I am not looking for a card that just sold for $300. I want closer to a solid $350 sell value I can verify- you may love your auction links but if the last Bradshaw went $390 why I am going to take a lot less? I'm a no nonsense collector, just looking for something I like and hoping to find someone who likes this one for their collection. Rest assured you won't find another chance at one down the road.

    If you like it leave your interest and I;ll check your bucket. When you sell out 300 cards for $22K you aren't looking to take more than one or two cards back in return..... just don't have the passion I did in the old days!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shiker78 View Post
    Interested in the Bradshaw CMB? LMK Thanks
    I am intrigued by the Arian Foster, but to be honest I don't know that I have anyone around here that would shell out more for that than the Bradshaw, and I am trying to avoid selling it on any auction sites :-) Let me keep an eye out for something else and then check back. Man seeing that Art Rooney auto in your bucket makes me miss the old collection!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wtracy84 View Post
    i'll take a flyer
    Have more basketball guys around so interested in the Derrick Rose Orange Refractor and Kobe Bryant Finest Gold.


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    any interest in part trade/cash. have dual wooden/cousy auto. only bball i have. thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by slash711 View Post
    any interest in part trade/cash. have dual wooden/cousy auto. only bball i have. thanks
    Hey bud would love a cash\trade but the cousy/wooden isn't really what they collect. Been out of the game awhile but what would the rg3 crown Royal, unitas ud legends, or Payton retro autos be priced at? Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shiker78 View Post
    Still interested in Bradshaw!
    Would be interested in cash/trade on cam limited gold auto.


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