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    Some reMARKable Hextall cards from the last month (or so)

    It has been a while since I posted, so I thought I would try and catch up. Work, sad family issues and kids events (soccer, basketball, chorus, etc.) have been eating up lots of time lately. I have manged to pick up a few nice Ron Hextall additions.

    I have a few more older Hextall pick ups that I will also post for your viewing pleasure. I hope everyone is doing well and adding great cards to their collections.

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    Some great Orange and Black you got there, Love the Prime reMARKables (good luck finding the last one).

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    @MattDMC, I actually kind of fell into all of them. I wasn't trying to get all three, but it happened. If I get the fourth, that would be cool, but I won't necessarily die if I don't get it (I think).

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    Awesome looking Hextall adds to your PC

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    Those are some beauty Hexstall's being a Potvin collector over the years they have made some real nice Hexstall/Potvin cards which are some of my favorites. Im sure you have heard about the new 11-12 Dominion Strapping Lads Dual Fight Strap /7. These should be fun to find.

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    Just picked up the Strapping Lads 1/7. Scans to follow soon.

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    Sweet ! I'm right behind you I'm waiting on my 2/7 to come in the mail.

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    Can't wait to see you're scan of that Bobrovsky Hextall BTP dual auto (I assume you're the one who won it).

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    Hay MattDMC, now why would you think like that? I will post a scan when it comes in. ;-)

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