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    Who knows something about Skylanders?

    My son wants Skylanders for Christmas. So I go and buy it - Wii starter set to be specific. Then I find a dozen or so cool figures to go with it. Then a week later I hear about Skylander's Giants. And of course so does my son.

    So my questions are:

    Do I need a whole new portal for the Giants game? I assume that I do.

    Will my son be able to play the regular figures on the Giants portal or will we have to switch games in and out?

    Should I just return the regular wii game and get the Giants game?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Hey Chris, I don't know about this stuff but I see them all the time so i figured I should know what they were. Heres what I found.
    seems like you can use the old "Portal" you will just need the new game and a Giant... hope this helps man! Take care

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