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    What is this worth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP !!!

    I just recently got this from my cousin she won it at the national in 2009 when it was in Cleveland it is a Juan Pablo Montoya race used visor signed. It was won at the press pass booth. Comes with a coa from Press Pass,and wining raffle ticket.

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    Howdy, prob. no book prices availiable, just worth what you can get, GL
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    What do you want for it? I'd be interested.

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    I am asking for a guess since i kniw there is no book valuei am askibg what is a good price to sell it at

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    Howdy, prob. no book prices availiable, just worth what you can get, GL

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    That's really cool.......I'd put it at least around 200

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    100.00 150 ish all day not including shipping
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    I did a search on this website ( and it gave a value of $168.33

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