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    Smitty5, first TTM ever received today.

    Scott Hartnell c/o Columbus Blue Jackets sent 11/4, received today 11/22.
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    Congrats! Welcome to the addiction!
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    Always looking for cards/memorabilia to trade from:
    Scott Spiezio, Kelly Dransfeldt, Billy Petrick, Zack Petrick,
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    TTM'S are super addictive, when I started doing fan packs I thought the anxiousness of the mailbox walk was fun. Now knowing that I sent it and it's been returned to me makes me appreciate that athlete a lot more.

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    Jay Bell 3 cards sent 11/26, received 12/8
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    Welcome you will be hooked instantly.
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    Congrats on the returns! There is no turning back now!!! Welcome to the club!


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    Cris Carpenter 4/4 cards including a rookie I found. Sent 12/2, received 12/10
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    Looks like you are off to a nice start! Best of luck on the collection! Thanks for sharing those returns with us and I know that I will be checking out your thread, if it continues to have so much Ohio flavor to it!
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    1/1 Roberto M. Hernandez on a Rated Rookie card. Send 12/4 Received 12/12.

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    After a loonnnng day at work, it sure was nice to come home to these.

    Sid Bream 5/5 sent 11/26 received 12/13

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