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    Mantle 1951 Bowman GAI 4 for $1,250 ? (pic)

    I posted this in the baseball section but I should have added the pic and now I can't figure out how to do it so I apoligze for adding a new post hear. Please feel free to remove the original.

    I have been offered a 1951 Mantle Bowman in GAI 4 for $1,250. I track the sale of this card on ebay but have not seen any by GAI. Recent PSA 4s sales have gone for between $2,200 and $2,700.

    Is there a real difference between GAI and PSA? The card looks so centered that it makes me nervous. The seller has only a few sellers feedbacks on ebay but 1 was for a $400 card.

    I checked the serial # on the GAI site and it matches up.

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    I don't know if I'm remembering right, but I think you made a post about a 52 Topps Mantle a week or two ago graded by a bogus grading company. I must say that this one is a lot better buy because it is guaranteed to be the real thing. I could almost assure you that a GAI 4 51 Bowman would bring at least $2000. If you've got the cash, this is a good buy in my opinion.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Do you happen to have Becketts? If so, can you tell me the bv? Thanks.

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    the 1951 Mickey Mantle books for $8000 in mint condition so i would guess by the VG-EX that it should bring a value of around $3500-4000

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    SMR on a PSA 5 is $2750. You can usually avg out to about 75% for a 4, 65% of that for a 3. My guess is the GAI would fall somewhere in that price range, though the centering is very good and would probably get to the high end.

    My estimate would be between $1750 - $2100

    It's odd that the seller is offering is offering that card so cheap....Caveat Emptor

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    Caveat Emptor indeed! The seller is in San Diego and I am in NYC. The seller only has two sale feedbacks on ebay both for 3 figures but he could have created those himseld with an alias. Thus, I said that I wanted to have the cards picked up by a friend or messenger. At first he was cool with it and it turns out that my good friend is going there on Sunday for a meeting. When I told the seller that my friend would be there Sunday and would exchange the card for the money order he wanted he said he wanted cash. When I said okay to that, he said Sunday was no good. When I suggested first thing Monday before my friend left, he said that was no good but I could mail him a MO and he would mai lthe card. When I said I would send a messenger service with cash he said I was being disrespectful and an SOB. I think he was trying to pull a scam. Caveat Emptor indeed!

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    Good thinking on your part. I would never, ever send a MO to someone for an item that expensive. You are entirely at the mercy of the seller in that case.

    The price was a little to good to be true, which is why I put the caveat emptor in there in the first place.

    By the way, a Mint(9) 51 Bowman Mantle is $55k, a NM(7) one is $8k. :)

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