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    why do people send cards in soft sleeves for great cards

    this killed me today as i love aikman jersey numbered cards
    my wife pulled it out of the package to show to me today on skype and it was in a soft sleeve and thats it..card was damaged on 2 of the corners and has a ripple in it now

    sometimes i just dont understand people
    spend the extra dollar for a one touch
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    It's amazing that people to "cut corners" will do silly stuff like that.

    I know $$$ adds up but I would rather spend that extra $1 to use a bubble mailer/top loader and receive postivie feedback than have someone that is angry and ruining all the time and effort I have put into my established feedback


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    I agree thats just sad. Instead of protecting their almost $100 sale. They rather cheapen out and end up costing themselves that money and reputation. But whats more sad is that you will probably get a bunch of sellers in here stating that it was your fault for not asking for better protection and that you got cheap shipping and Bs like that. I really hope you get your money back. Good Luck
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    what i dont understand is where did the 3.91 you paid for shipping go? Im pretty sure its less than 2 dollars to ship one card in a bubble mailer and thus, that leaves 1.91. In that situation he could have bought a one touch or even a 25 pack of toploaders...


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    I just shipped a package a few days ago via Paypal. Up to 3 ounces is $1.64 with DC included. Figure in .75 cents for a padded envelope and he is into it $2.39. That leaves $1.52, easily enough for a one-touch or even just a thick toploader. No excuse.

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    he sent me a email saying he was sorry he ran out of tape and wanted to rush the shipping
    sending me a full refund just sucks though
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    I guess some people just dont care. It is really sad. For example i have a bunch of F1 replica helmets i have been listing on ebay for sale and i charge a little extra for shipping so i can pay UPS to package it correctly and the risk is on UPS.. Nothing worse than the excitement of mail day then it being ruined by careless people.
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    This is my biggest pet peeve, and I have caught some flack on the boards for leaving negative feedback whenever someone sends any card of moderate value in a penny-sleeve. It shows a complete disregard for the buyer to the tune of saving 30 cents...max? I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt (mis-sent cards, late sending, etc), but this borders on fraud when you charge $3+ for shipping. I don't expect much, but a secured toploader is not too much to ask.
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    thank you and he did refund my money.....shame he wasted a very nice card though
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