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    Sending to athlete c/o business

    There are about two athletes that I really would like to add and can't seem to find a good addy on them besides the business they work at, one is a insurance company and the other is a gym. Has anyone ever sent to a athlete c/o a work address? Just curious if they've had success or mostly failures. Thanks!

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    Do they own the gym or insurance company or only work there? If it's a business you should be able to get a phone number and just call and won't hurt!

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    I have sent to a lot of actors who have real jobs I have not gotten every one I have sent out back but I have never gotten any RTS or had anyone say anything about me not sending to there work address. If you really want their auto and have no other address then it seems like your only option.

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    So far I've sent 4-5 to businesses and only one hasn't come back yet(3 months ago so not giving up on it yet)

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    Have had great success c/o businesses. Most recent one I can think of is Troy Hudson c/o his record company.

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    Great success with athletes at buisness address
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    Quote Originally Posted by ajcorleone View Post
    Great success with athletes at buisness address
    Me too.
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    Yeah I have sent to ballplayers at their business addy and it works some of the time. Go ahead and give it a try.
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