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    Eye suggest you Strap in to see this Booklet

    Not going to lie Ive been working on a good title while waiting for this card to come, well, here are my big pickups the past few months, still got a few more Millers I want from Dominion, but this will have to whet my appetite for now

    But first, lets start with a limited logo you have got to see (pun intended)

    Very nice patch, Im gaining the habit of grabing great Miller patches from this set

    Next are my two Dominion pieces

    Despite my new found hate for Lucic, its still a great card numbered 3/3

    and the one Ive really been licking my chops to get... /15

    Originally I was going to wait out and hope the version that was given a sneek peek on the knights lance panini blog to pop up, as that was probably the best from the 15, but these patches were very nice and for the price I paid I think i did well

    Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed!

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    Awesome additions, the title was nice as well!
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    Sorry your hatred of Lucic is only recent. That card is PERFECT considering their shared history.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 87sluggo View Post
    Sorry your hatred of Lucic is only recent. That card is PERFECT considering their shared history.
    Just like the Semin/Staal one ;)

    Nice pick ups :D
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    Haha the Strapping Lads set is AMAZING. Lucic and Miller together is quite awesome. :)
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    wish i had those Miller's in my PC...

    very nice
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    Great adds to your pc
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    Stunning cards!
    Strapping Lads is among the very best I ever seen design wise....

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