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Thread: Best Product Of 2012?

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    For my part, it was artifacts. Old and recent players together in a same set are really fun, and the cards was really nice looking. Great jersey/patchs/auto cards in the set for an abordable price.

    This year, we praticly can't see the name on emerald, spectrum and black cards. I collect only OPC this year( trying to do the whole set rainbows) and maybe a couple of artifacts cards... not a lot.
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    For me it was Contenders or Prime. I love the look of both products and the cards were just plain awsome in Prime. Contenders added lots of value with the Patch Autos aswell
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    Panini Prime is my choice. Great looking cards and some truly amazing hits

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    ITG Canada Versus the World, or UD parkhurst.

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    CUP hands down. My luck could've had something to do with it though; pulled an RNH /99, scheifele 5-6 colour arp /99 that sold for $2500 and a 1/1 kesler laundry tag.
    Everything else was a let down IMO, and had dramatic decrease in value. I always like Ultimate as well, but didn't pull much. Best pull in 2 cases was a landeskog /99.

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    Like last year, I think Score deserves the #1 spot. You get a shot at short print rookies and autographs for $30 a box or $1 a pack. Tough to beat and for some reason I think it's the only product that really tries to capture the spirit of the game.

    Kudos for Prime, Titanium and Contenders who were stand-out products as well.

    UD as a whole was meh.
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    I really liked Ultimate nice cards not alot of filler and a chance at some real nice cards all for under $ 100

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    I am a big fan of Titanium this year. Just about every patch card has a WICKED patch with very little one colors showing up and the chance to pull a big low numbered rookie is always fun.

    On a more Biased note Broad Street Boys wasn't bad either LOL

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