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Thread: Best Product Of 2012?

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    couldn't agree more, if you ever wanna trade lmk

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    I can't say I've been thrilled by much this year.

    I'm a big ITG fan but their two big brands H+P and BTP seem to be getting worse in quality/value since they peaked in 09/10 (although probably 08/09 for BTP); almost all of their basic (black H+P/silver BTP) jerseys are 1-color, and I've seen some UD-level 1-color/white patches. They've started giving more "hits" per box but the quality of the hits are not on-par with what they used to be. And their niche sets this year (BSB, Forever Rivals, Captains) aren't of interest to me.

    Panini has some nice looking cards and fresh ideas (although a little out there - who gives a f about a GU net?) but I can't convince myself to pony up any cash for the lack of secondary value. One annoyance is they've really diluted the value of shields by trying to add value to their products. A lot of their sets come off as UD wannabees too, like Contenders (SPA), Certified (artifacts). Limited is kind of cool, although, again, lacking secondary value.

    UD is the same as it always is with the Good (Cup, SPA), the bad (BD), and the ugly (SPGU, SPX).

    I think the best may yet be to come with Superlative III and the Panini's Classic set.
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    I had a lot of fun witArtifacts this year, ITG Capitan-C was a fun break as well.

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    I'm going with Dominion for Panini & Parkhurst Champions for UD, ITG I will have to go with Ultimate Memorabilia

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    97-98 Leaf Boxes at Wal Mart. For 19$ best bang for your buck in 2012.

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    Great thread and great responses. It's always so cool to see the varying opinions of collectors - and this is why the companies make as many products as they do: there is literally something for everybody out there!
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    The cup was awesome this year. I liked sp authentic a lot too! Prime was cool too, and ultimate!

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    If PC-wise so no doubtly ITG UM....
    Otherwise Panini Prime because of some unique sets like All-Star locker room decals, helmet decals, inner seams from the jersey, ties etc...even if its resell value kinda sucks after some weeks from its initial release.

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    Hi, I'm new here and I want to tank you for your help. I begin the hobby in 76, I stop in 87 to come again in 90's to stop in 2003, I try to dive in again this year with my 5 year old son. Much harder for kids now to collect cards, hard to keep focus on only one product.

    So, I begin to buy just to try some boxes and see:

    UD series 1 11-12: 2 boxes with very, but very similar cards in. Results: No more.
    UD OPC 11-12: Cheaper, but product quality is not enough for me. Results: No more.

    I'm gonna try Panini's products soon, I can't go farther with this 2 UD products, maybe, OPC have a chance because these cards remember me childhood days.

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