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    Edmonton Oilers Ultimate Collection Rookie Set Progress

    Hey everyone,
    In an attempt to diversify my Oilers collection, I decided to collect Oilers Ultimate Rookies a few months ago. Thanks to Rich(RGM81), I made myself a set map for my new collection and finally have a proper way to display the cards online. Here is my current progress:

    I have 6 cards that haven't been filled in it, but have yet to scan them(hopefully that will be done tomorrow), and have 3 incoming, including RNH and Hall. The rest of my wantlist can be found here.

    Thanks for looking! Comments are greatly appreciated.
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    Updated with the non-autographed rookies I finally scanned!

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    Yikes, not even one comment?

    Anyways, the two big ones have been added. A big thank you to Matt(tuukkatime)!

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    Can't wait to see the finished set.
    Whenever the lockout is over, the rookie class for the oiler's is going to be crazy

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    Update time! 05-06 has been completed, and Teemu Hartikainen has been added to 11-12:

    I really need to get a nicer scan of the Gagner. Thanks for looking!

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    well done so far. wondering if they made an auto and non auto for all players?

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    Updated with only 2 holes missing, both of which are incoming!

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    Very cool. You are giving me ideas for my Rangers PC.

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