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    Seriously...? Now that's crazy!

    The card goes for max $20-$30 (according my list and those I have)
    If the leg pad piece got any letter from VAUGHN's logo so the price may be a bit higher (at $40 level)

    But now that's absolutely nuts with $169 for that card!?
    The card shouldn't even selling for that price when J.Hedberg was a superstar and almost (or was) equally valued as M.Brodeur during 2001-2003.

    The seller recently had also some insanely expensive Hedbergs and unbelievable enough there was an another Hedberg (?) collector who almost swept all those cards with its full price at BIN for $100, $160 etc, the buyer didn't even offered any BO's!?!?

    The seller didn't even accepted my BO at $10.50 for a $12 BIN card so why did he have BO's if the seller isn't willing to going below 95% of the full BIN price? I missed some very nice PC-cards because of that the seller wasn't not always willing to listen my BO's pr even cared to make an counteroffer, I'm not interested to paying full BV or even 2x-3x BV at ebay!

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    Just my opinion, but why is it ok for us buyers to snag cards for 10% of book value, but the moment a seller asks for more then book value we complain?

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    no offense, but if hes getting what he wants for them, why should he go any lower. Panini overstocking and buyers scamming sellers will be the demise of the hobby if we dont be careful

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    My take has always been this, a seller can ask for what ever they want for something. You don't need to buy it for that price. I can give you 100's of cases with Lemieux cards where this happens, and that is fine. I have a price I want to pay, if it is lower than what the seller wants, that is fine I walk away. Now, I have also been finding I make my offer and I get rejected. Couple of days later, I get an email and get the item for what I wanted to pay for it. As a collector, don't over pay just because someone wants you to, pay what you want or spend your money elsewhere. Patience is part of the hobby, and a card like this will come back up sooner of later.
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    Just another seller trying to take advantage of the Post Lockout Collector who is willing to overpay for everything.

    The number of collectors on this site that overpay for cards on eBay is staggering. Why not try to take some of that easy money.

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    Nothing wrong with the seller setting his own price. Of course, if he gets no action he will have to consider lower offers.

    Last month I found an Artyukhin Hot Prospects shield 1/1 where the seller was asking almost $2,000. Other Hot Prospects 1/1 and shields sell in the $100 - $300 range. It has been over a month and I have not been able to get the seller to budge. Not even a single penny! He still swears he will get full price.

    I am going to have to wait it out and hope he comes down. It looks like you will have to do the same.
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    You would not get $2000.00 for Artyukin himself if you kidnapped him.

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    As I mentioned earlier. People actually believe that if they have the same card as somebody else, theirs is worth more. It's the most asinine, idiotic logic in the World. Humans are suppose to be hunters, and gatherers, not self-indulged hoarders.

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