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    So the card I received was in bad shape but since I didn't post it up...

    there is nothing I can do about it...

    Yeah I should have posted it but was doing it mobile and didn't think much about it.

    I get it and the card is hanging out of the case, three corners are damaged - something I couldn't tell from the scan- and the seller has no intentions of a refund.

    Says you get the card you saw and no one has said his cards came out before then it probably didn't happen this time...

    Amazing! $50 down the drain

    Any way to call out this guy without getting disciplined on the site?

    Any advice would be appreciated! (other than the obvious, post it up! lol)

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    Quote Originally Posted by atoaz12 View Post
    Any way to call out this guy without getting disciplined on the site?
    Don't think so since if it isn't in the Trade Manager nobody really knows if a deal takes place. I understand the frustration but the Trade Manager is there for a reason and like getting screwed on eBay doing an off eBay deal you won't get any help.
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    Talk to someone on the site. I believe there is a certain way that cards need to be shipped here and it looks like this user didn't oblige to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chakhae1 View Post
    Talk to someone on the site. I believe there is a certain way that cards need to be shipped here and it looks like this user didn't oblige to them.
    I've tried talking to them. But they can't help because we didnt use the trade manager

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    Yes, if not posted in the trade manager, there is absolutely nothing that can be done by staff as there is no record of the trade. Here is the letter of the rule, directly from the rules page :

    Article VI. Trade Manager Rules:

    Section 6.01 Senders are responsible for items until received by their trade partner. This is why SCF recommends insurance and/or delivery confirmation.
    Section 6.02 All trades must be made with the trade manager. Failure to do so forfeits any right to dispute moderation by SCF staff.
    Section 6.03 Items must be “in hand” to be posted in the trade manager.
    Section 6.04 Incoming cards cannot be posted for trade in the Trade Manager. You may discuss trading incoming cards, but cannot finalize a trade until the card is in your possession. Failure to do so will result in an infraction being issued.
    Section 6.05 Any item received from a transaction posted in the trade manager, cards, money sent through the mail, Pay-Pal , etc., cannot be dealt or sold until the transaction is marked completed by both members. If a dispute is filed, the member who dealt the item would be subject to warnings, infractions, or any actions SCF Staff deem necessary.
    Section 6.06 If after 14 days (or 21 days for international trades) a trade is not marked complete in the Trade Manager, either trader may contact staff for assistance. SCF staff will contact the other trader to verify the transaction status. Staff will not mark trades complete but will add a note to the account if a response is not received. SCF Staff will then notify the trader that the deal is considered complete.
    Section 6.07 If you choose to ignore the Must Send First status of a member in a trade, you waive the right for SCF staff to assist you should a problem arise.
    Section 6.08 If a person is sending first in the trade, please specify this in the terms of the trade in the trade manager.
    Section 6.09 Trades must be sent within 3 working days of confirming in the Trade Manager unless other terms are negotiated and listed in the trade. This applies to paypal payments as well. This section does not supersede Article II – MSF.
    Section 6.10 Any prior damage must be reported to your potential trade partner.
    Section 6.11 Trading or selling of weapons of any kinds is not allowed. See section 1.01 (b).

    Section 6.12 Members cannot trade/sell/buy any video game rated “M”, movie rated “R”, or music with explicit lyrics unless members are of the appropriate age.
    Section 6.13 No grab bags are allowed. Members must know explicitly what they are getting. Sales of team lots of just base cards are exempt from this section.
    Section 6.14 Sending out free cards or in person trades are not eligible for feedback and cannot be posted in the Trade Manager. That includes SASEs.
    Section 6.15 Deals involving trades where neither party sends anything through the mail (other than a form of monetary payment) cannot be posted in the Trade Manager.
    Section 6.16 Pre-selling of items, or requiring advance payments to order in bulk, is prohibited here on SCF. Advance payment for group breaks run by SCF staff in accordance with 1.02 (b) are exempt from this section. For members seeking to engage in such transactions, we recommend the SCF Affiliate Program or SCF Ad Package. See 10.02 for details.


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    ^^^ that's what I figured. Didn't know if there was some kind of 'jury of your peers' that could help get something done. But apparently calling out of members on here is discouraged as well

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