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    Shelving units for card box storage

    Just wondering what everyone out there uses for storing card boxes to keep them easily accessible. I have mine all just stacked in a corner which is fine except for those on the bottom of the stack.

    I'm planning on moving everything I have into 5000-count boxes and building a shelving unit to hold them all. However, I figured I'd check and see first if there are any commercially available units that work well for this.

    If not, then I need some help from any members who know this stuff better than I do (which is to say anyone who knows anything about it since I'm clueless).

    I have approximately 120,000 cards, so that would be 24 of those 5000-count boxes. Each box measures 19"D x 16.5"W x 4"H, and weighs approximately 25 lbs. I plan to put two boxes per shelf. Thus, I am planning on 12 shelves that are 20" deep and 34" wide, with 4.5" height so I have a little space to work with. Each shelf would have to support approximately 50 lbs. The entire unit would be about 6 feet high, give or take a few inches depending on the requisite thickness of each shelf.

    So, oh great gurus of carpentry, or at least people who know more than I do about it, is 7/16" oriented strand board good enough for this? If not, what about 1/2" fiberboard? Or, am I going to have to suck it up, wait a while as I save up some money, and just go for some sort of plywood?

    Your thoughts and advice are greatly appreciated.

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    one thing to think about it is the amount of stress your shelving unit will put on your floor (unless its in a basement) 50lbx12 shelves plus the weight of the wood over a relatively small area

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    I'm not too concerned about that. I've had all the boxes stacked in one area for several months with no problems to the floor.

    I'm looking at buying a shelving unit in a few months instead. There's a pretty decent adjustable steel one at Lowe's that's the perfect size. I'd just need to repaint it and it should be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCFTrader View Post
    The metal "wire rack" units are great.

    +1 They work great for me too.......I have had them on these for a few years and they are durable and easy to get at.
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    Agree with the use of Metro wire shelves. The originals are really expensive but knockoffs can be had at Costco

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