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    feeling a little screwed over by panini.............what do you guys think

    after waiting 14 months on a redemption and with several unanswered emails I finally was told by panini today that they dont have my card and would be sending a replacement of equal or greater value. What do you think of the replacement. I was suppose to receive this :
    2010 Panini Dominion
    Signatures Ruby /50

    Instead I am getting this:

    2011 Panini Crown Royale
    All the Kings Men Memorabilia Signature /100

    my first reaction is im not overly impressed with the replacement, i think mainly because I waited all this time to get a card I already own. what do you think?
    Bobby Ryan PC
    1029/1145 89.9%
    1/1's and Plates: 9

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    that was not a good replacement. Sorry to hear

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    I've found that my replacements have really sucked compared to the original cards I was expecting. They do not take into account any preference.

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    What were the players? You didn't say what player belonged to the #/50 Ruby Auto, and what player belonged to the #/100 Auto.

    That....I'm afraid is the $64,000.00 question.

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    I think this depends on the players as well, although and auto memorabilia card /100 sounds as good or better than an auto /50. Just my opinion though.

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    Dominion /50 is a nice hard sign though, crown royale is a sticker. Bad replacement if its the same player

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    They did the same to me. But yours is way worse. How can you replace a Dominion Product with Crown Royale, What did they send you? What was the original cards supposed to be?

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    sorry both cards were of bobby ryan......I have the crown royal, not bad card but nothing special, i would trade in for an auto dominion /50 in a heart beat.
    Bobby Ryan PC
    1029/1145 89.9%
    1/1's and Plates: 9

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    maybe explain your displeasure with the process? I've heard of people calling and if you get a person in a good mood they will correct it...check the BV's of the cards for evidence and just be nice...sugar gets you farther than vinegar...but yeah, that's a terrible replacement
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