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    F/S Dodger Autographs Kemp & Ethier

    Got a baby boy coming soon so I need to unload some of my extra Dodger autos. All were signed IP for me during the 2012 season at Dodger Stadium. All prices are dlvd. Let me know if you would like pics. All the baseballs are snow white and in great condition. I will also refund 100% if submitted to PSA/JSA and it fails. I can send pics if your interested.

    Matt Kemp Rawlings Gold Glove ball - $75 obo
    Matt Kemp Rawlings Kansas City 2012 All Star ball - $75 obo
    Matt Kemp Rawlings Arizona 2011 All Star ball - $75 obo
    Matt Kemp Rawlings Dodger Stadium 50th Anniversary bal - $75 obo
    Andre Ethier Rawlings Anaheim 2010 All Star bal - $75 obo
    Matt Kemp / Andre Ethier Dodgers mini helmet - $95 obo
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