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Thread: 2012 Certified - 12 box break

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    Well I got 1 so far :)

    Quote Originally Posted by bradyfanatic1224 View Post
    If you pull any Brian Quicks you don't need LMk

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    Quote Originally Posted by rainmanb View Post
    Well I got 1 so far :)
    Nice keep em coming!

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    Box 6:

    Dontari Poe RC /999 (dupe)
    Jared Crick RC /999
    Art Monk Immortals /999

    Bill Romanowski Immortals Gold /25
    Darius Heywood-Bey Red /250
    Brandon Marshall Red /250

    DWAYNE ALLEN (Colts) Certified Rookie Materials GU /299
    MARIO WILLIAMS (Bills) Mirror Red GU /199
    LEN DAWSON (Chiefs HOFer) Immortals GU /49
    TONY ROMO (Cowboys) Gold Auto /25
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    Hey Buddy!! I Could Use That Andrew Luck Jsy Card & That Romanowski #'d Insert. LMK What Ya Would Need In Trade For Them.

    Thanks, John

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    I think this is it for the night. Will finish up tomorrow.

    They can't all be good boxes...

    Box 7:

    Tamba Hali Emerald /5
    Matt Schaub Red /250
    Vontaze Burfict Red RC /250

    Rod Smith Immortals /999
    Doug Flutie Immortals /999
    Marvin Jones RC /999

    PIERRE THOMAS (Saints) Mirror Red GU /95
    REGGIE WAYNE (Colts) Mirror Red GU /199
    LAMAR MILLER (Dolphins) Fabric of the Game GU /199
    JARIUS WRIGHT (Vikings) Freshman Fabric RC Auto /499

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    Please check my SCF inventory for Seahawks for the Emmitt Smith Immortals/100 if trading. Thank you.
    Hidden Content or check my SCF inventory (to the left) for inserts /parallels /autographs /game used & relics /rookies. Emmitt Hidden Content .
    -My unofficial Emmitt card count (not counting 1 of 1's I don't have): 4,680/7,161 = 65% (different cards as of 8/14/17).(#ed=1,695, gu=592, autos=66, 1 of 1's=6)
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    I would love a shot at the Bears you pulled, the Shea and the Payton so far and any others you get.
    Hidden Content

    Collecting Bears, also pick up Vikings for fellow traders.

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    Gonna finish the break in a couple hours and then make my way through replying to any posts. I like to trade so please be patient...

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    so far i am interested in

    ERIK WILLIAMS (Cowboys Great) Immortals Blue Auto /49
    TONY ROMO (Cowboys) Gold Auto /25
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    Main Bucket:Hidden Content
    Cards For Trade Sorted By Team Photobucket has limited tags to 20 photos per tag. FAIL
    Link to my PC --> Hidden Content

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    If you pull any older colts autos or gu I would be interested

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