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Thread: 2012 Certified - 12 box break

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    2012 Certified - 12 box break

    Been out of the hobby for the last 6 months or so, but just got 12 boxes of Certified. Usually build the base set (with RC's, Immortals, and Freshamn Fabs), so those wont be for trade but everything else will be available for other 2012 Cerified set needs, current and classic Seahawks, or trade bait. Not sure if I'll get through it all tonight, but will post as I open....

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    As always, breaking is fun. Probably a below average haul compared to a similar box count over the last 5 years. I have had some especially good breaks in the past so I was probably due for a mediocre one. Freshman fab autos seem to be especially hard to pull this year - only 2 low end ones in 12 boxes! Frustrating as a set collector, but just means I have more trading to do :)

    Almost everything for trade, especially for other 2012 Certified and current/classic Seahawk GU and autos. Will start going through responses as I have time throughout the day. Thanks for the look!

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    sending PM

    Quote Originally Posted by bradyfanatic1224 View Post
    If you pull any Brian Quicks you don't need LMk

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    Sure, what kind of Seahawks can you offer?

    Quote Originally Posted by Trains975 View Post
    Hey Buddy!! I Could Use That Andrew Luck Jsy Card & That Romanowski #'d Insert. LMK What Ya Would Need In Trade For Them.

    Thanks, John

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    Anything I can trade for the Tom Brady GU?


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    I may be interested in your Hasselbeck GU, but need to check later tonight if I have already. Can I get back to you?

    Quote Originally Posted by NBSII View Post
    Please check my SCF inventory for Seahawks for the Emmitt Smith Immortals/100 if trading. Thank you.

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    Sending PM

    Quote Originally Posted by ctkenjr View Post
    I would love a shot at the Bears you pulled, the Shea and the Payton so far and any others you get.

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    Nothing I needed right now but thanks for the look.

    Quote Originally Posted by PlatinumPlus502 View Post
    could use the walter payton and jay cutlers GU cards. cmb and lmk if you like anything

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    Didn't see anything I needed right now. lmk if you open any 2012 certified...

    Quote Originally Posted by Halos Fan View Post
    check my tradelist / bucket for the Cousins Auto and any of the Ronnie Hillman's that you pulled. thanks.

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    Awesome cowboys collection! What do you have available for trade?

    Quote Originally Posted by cowboysrgr8 View Post
    very nice im interested in the cowboys stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by rainmanb View Post
    Nothing I needed right now but thanks for the look.
    willing to buy also.. any of the bears/ all of them. lmk price

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