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    High School student kicks 67 yard field goal

    He has accomplished a feat that no professional football player has ever done before - all at the tender age of 17.

    Austin Rehkow, a senior at Central Valley High School in Spokane Valley, Washington, was dispatched to do the near-impossible - nail a field goal from 67 yards away.

    The kick was good, tying the game.

    Central Valley later won the contest against Shadle Park High School in overtime by a score of 62-55.

    A YouTube captured the record-breaking kick in all of its glory, as the referees raised their hands to signify the kick was good, and the team erupted in celebration.

    The 67-yard kick is one of the longest in history, beating the NFL record of 63 yards, which is currently held by four players.

    Mr Rehkow is not just a gridiron guru in kicking the ball - he can also catch it –doubling as a wide receiver on the field.
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