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Thread: Best Way To Sell Gronkowski PC

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    Best Way To Sell Gronkowski PC

    I'm looking to get out of the hobby. Seems like everyone else is as well. Thinking about putting up my Gronk PC on eBay. What do you think is the best way to move it? All in 1 auction or peice by peice. I think I have close to if not over 40 autos.

    Can be seem in the 2 links below.

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    I would do the higher end autos piece by piece and maybe make small lots of the lower end autos

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    Selling it individually rather than as 1 big lot would get you the most money.

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    If you have the time I would do them individually and pick and choose wen you list based on his weekly performances.

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    +1 Piece by piece is the best and I wouldn't flood it all at once. When I sold off my Decker collection I did about 10-15 a week, mixed up the jersey and autos. Actually ended up with several repeat buyers.

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    Piece by piece for sure and gronk always performs lol

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