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Thread: Purple 3DS for sale

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    Purple 3DS for sale

    Have a practically brand new 3DS that I bought as a secondary and it never gets used. Put a screen guard on it as soon as purchased and has been used for less than 5 hours total by adult so no worries there. Still have the original box and manuals and will come with charging dock and 2 stylus for the screen. Asking $125 this version still sales for $170 plus tax so take advantage if you are looking to buy one

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    wanna trade? and actually they are $159 new and $100 used at our pawn ship but anyways lmk
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    Just checked on Gamestop's site and they are still 169.99 and refurbished 149.99 so don't know where you looked I just use gamestop for all my games and such. But anyways not really looking to trade and if your pawn shop has them for $100 that is a good deal if they are in good shape. Mine is just like out of the box condition and even at $125 I will be losing around $60 counting the screen guard on it so if I can't move it for that I will just hang onto it but Thanks

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