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Thread: 2008 Leaf Limited Inner Case

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    2008 Leaf Limited Inner Case

    After two days of chasing down the UPS delivery man I went and picked up my case. 8 boxes 4 hits a box. $640 delivered plus earned $30 in Ebay bucks. Got an extra hit and only hit one redemption. I believe Panini will work with me on it. I wasn’t in it to make money or break even just to have some fun. My wife had the fun and busted the case as I sorted. Damn case hit didn’t hit until the last box. Had it hit the first I would have stopped and sold the rest of the case. Could have stopped after the first box and been happy though. Hits aren’t broken down by box anymore but I know this was definitely in the first box.

    Fitz 5/25

    Realistically anyone have an idea what something like this might sell for on Ebay?

    Anyone with an idea where this came from

    Young 36/50

    Anyone with an idea what this one would go for?

    The rest of the patches werent as crazy but some nice ones.

    Willie Brown 3/10

    LT 12/50

    Ted Ginn 7/19

    Danny White 6/10

    Marcus Allen 1/50

    Torry Holt 24/81

    Ollie Matson 2/10

    Earl Bennett 4/10

    Heres a few of the Jerseys pulled:

    Lee Evans 55/100

    LenDale White 95/100

    Jim McMahon 30/100

    Bob Lilly 90/100

    Rosey Grier 7/49

    Marcus Allen 93/100

    YA Tittle 39/100

    Matching Numbers Joseph Addai Chester Taylor 70/100

    Matching Positions Matt Schaub Matt Hasselbeck 99/100

    Team Threads Triple Tavaris Jackson Adrian Peterson Chester Taylor 75/100

    Now on to the Autos pulled

    Phenom Pat Sims 115/299

    Phenom Jacob Hester 91/99

    Phenom Monikers Kellen Davis 2/10

    Phenom Darius Reynaud 25/99

    Banner Season Willie Parker Jersey Auto 3/25

    James Hardy Jumbo Jersey Auto 5/15

    Jonathan Stewart Patch Auto 50/99

    Mario Manningham Spotlight Patch Auto 6/49

    Material Monikers TJ Houshmandzadeh Patch Auto 33/50 (What happened to this guy?)

    DeAngelo Williams Jersey Auto 1/15

    Then the case hit……

    Limited Cuts……….

    Clyde “Bulldog” Turner Cut Auto 39/75

    The redemption is Material Monikers Jersey Numbers #36 which I believe is Roy Williams but could be wrong.

    For the inserts if your interested:
    Reggie Bush
    Trent Edwards
    Santana Moss
    Vince Young
    Chester Taylor
    Randy Moss

    Banner Season
    Willie Parker
    Brian Westbrook
    Terrell Owens x2
    Marques Colston
    Larry Fitzgerald
    Braylon Edwards
    Adrian Peterson
    Brandon Marshall x2
    Terrell Owens

    Team Trademarks
    Check Foreman
    Eric Dickerson
    Paul Warfield x3
    Ronnie Lott x2
    Barry Sanders x2
    Raymond Berry
    Ladell Betts
    Frank Tarkenton
    Carl Eller
    Steve Young
    Deacon Jones
    Billy Sims

    Patrick Lee
    Kenneth Moore
    Jalen Parmele
    Craig Steltz
    Marcus Henry
    Ernie Wheelwright
    Derek Lee
    Paul Hubbard x2
    Pierre Garcon x2
    Alex Brink x2
    Owen Schmitt
    Sam Keller (Free agent as phenom???)
    Brandon Flowers
    Marcus Monk
    Bruce Davis
    Derek Harvey
    Keenan Burton
    Ernie Wheelwright
    Jordan Dizon
    Xavier Adibi
    Kalvin McRae
    Pat Sims
    Owen Schmitt
    Tim Hightower
    Jaymar Johnson
    Quentin Groves
    Jordan Dizon
    Marcus Smith

    Lee Roy Selmon x2
    Deacon Jones x2
    Carl Eller
    YA Tittle
    Tony Canadeo
    John Matuszak
    Tiki Barber
    Jim Taylor
    Sammy Baugh
    Forrest Gregg
    Fred Dryer
    Sid Luckman
    Lance Alworth
    Norm Van Brocklin
    Ted Hendricks
    Mark Gastineau
    Don Perkins
    Bo Jackson
    Spotlight /125
    Lee Roy Selmon
    Mark Duper
    Forrest Gregg
    Norm can Brocklin
    Spotlight /99
    Paul Warfield
    Tiki Barber
    Spotlight /49
    Doak Walker
    Bob Griese


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    looks like fun, i like older card year breaks...

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    very nice pull on the cut auto
    im interested in the cowboys

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    Nice hits on the Stewart and Williams auto if you want to sell shoot me a price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattleegee View Post
    looks like fun, i like older card year breaks...
    I love older products like this. A lot more HOF players than rookies.

    Quote Originally Posted by cowboysrgr8 View Post
    very nice pull on the cut auto
    im interested in the cowboys
    Im leaving for 45 days tomorrow so Ive put all trading on pause.

    Quote Originally Posted by jasonluckydog17 View Post
    Nice hits on the Stewart and Williams auto if you want to sell shoot me a price.
    I live by Charlotte and do shows up there so Ill probley keep them for shows but if you want to shoot me an offer Ill listen.

    Thanks guys


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    Nice cut auto!

    If you still have them when you get back, Id like to try to trade for one of the Garcon phenoms.


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    I would be interested in the young when u get back to trading. That's a sick Fitz patch what is that a lace hole ?

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