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Thread: BPensyl125's Success Thread

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    This isn't an autograph but I thought a pretty cool item I picked up on ebay is worth sharing. I picked up the official game-used Denver Broncos Special Teams Depth Chart from their 1st preseason game against Chicago. A pretty unique item as I'm always looking to add different types of things to my collection.
    Looking for past/present Broncos autographs

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    Went to the Rangers/Mariners game here in Peoria yesterday.

    Game Program

    Juan Apodaca
    Konrad Schmidt
    Evan Meek
    Lewis Brinson (#15 ranked Rangers prospect)
    Greg Miclat
    Jared Prince
    Odubel Herrera

    Brad Miller (I think he has the potential to make an impact in the Mariners lineup in a few years)
    Tom Wilhelmsmen
    Jason Bay (Outside the Mariners parking lot)

    Between innings as he was leaving the field I was able to get Joe Nathan on my game ticket.

    Joe Nathan - Game Ticket
    Looking for past/present Broncos autographs

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    Paid a small fee to meet Hall of Fame Pitcher Gaylord Perry.

    Gaylord Perry - 8x10 and picture with

    I also picked up via auction an autographed Aaron Rowand ball with the inscription '10 World Champs.
    Looking for past/present Broncos autographs

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    Went to the Indians-Mariners game yesterday and had a solid day. The day included one of my more interesting autograph experiences.

    Indians Logo 8x10

    Terry Francona
    Brad Mills
    Mike Aviles
    Jason Giambi
    Cord Phelps
    Scott Kazmir
    Nick Hagadone
    Ezequiel Cabrera
    Unknown Indians player

    Indians #1 Prospect Francisco Lindor - Game Ticket (I was trying to get him on my 8x10 but my sharpie was dying out. He was patient enough to wait to sign this for me and I thanked him for that.)

    Game Day Program

    Kameron Loe (Thanked him for being such a cool signer throughout ST and he thanked me for not throwing anything at him. lol)
    Brad Miller (Having a solid ST and wouldn't be surprised if he makes some noise in SEA this year.)
    Unknown Mariners player

    One player I was trying to get at ST but haven't yet was Raul Ibanez. I had not even seen him sign and he finally did while coming off the field. I placed my game ticket on top of my Costco envelope but he was such in a hurry he signed my Costco envelope instead. lol I guess it all worked out because I was able to get Lindor on that ticket.

    Costco Envelope

    Raul Ibanez

    I am going to the Dodgers-Mariners game this Wednesday but will probably not graph. It's been a great Spring Training and am thankful for the teams/players who signed. Already looking forward to next Spring Training.
    Looking for past/present Broncos autographs

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    Nice! Pretty sweet haul with Giambi and Tito. If you post a scan of the Indians unknown, I can probably tell you who it is.
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    I collect Packers, Buckeyes, Indians, Blue Jackets, Anthony Schlegel, and Nikita Nikitin
    R.I.P Stefanie Spielman, Dante Lavelli, Bob Feller, Jack Tatum

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    Thanks. Would you mind pming me your email? I can't seem to figure out how to post pics on here. lol
    Looking for past/present Broncos autographs

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    Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson was making an appearance at an Uncle Bob's Storage facility and besides them not allowing any outside items to be signed it was great. Patrick was very cool and it was one of the best times I had meeting an athlete.

    Patrick Peterson - 2 8x10s' (my wife got one too) and also a pic with.
    Looking for past/present Broncos autographs

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    Went to the Cardinals Draft Day Party up at the stadium after work on Thursday. Was able to get the below guys on the program they were handing out.

    Jay Feely
    Lyle Sendlein
    Daryn Colledge
    Mike Leach
    Dan Williams
    Looking for past/present Broncos autographs

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    How is the draft party down there run? I used to go to the Vikings one, when it was a lot easier to get graphs at. They used to have it where they just had a about 15 current and former players sign in three groups for like an hour and a half and it was first come first serve. Very simple, smooth and free. That was back when the draft was just two days though (good times!)

    Last year they had former and current players again, but you had to pay $20 for each session, to just get a wristband to get into a line. Then this year they just had former players draft night and it was like $10 for all of them, then the day yesterday they had like a "Vikings Day" and it was all the current players, but I can't remember what they charged. Too much, I know.

    Just curious to see how others are run...Btw U of Pheonix Stadium is an amazing stadium! I toured it in 2012 while in town for the NCAA tournament. I left in awe.

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    It was very laid back and much better than I thought. They had a large stage with a band and a bunch of food. I got there about 6:45 and I walked in and saw a small group getting some autographs and within 10 minutes of being there I got 3 signatures. A couple of the players were drinking and signing autographs at the same time. I just missed Michael Floyd in one area but Williams and Leach were in a corner and people waited patiently to get them. I was impressed.
    Looking for past/present Broncos autographs

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