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    Adrian Peterson 2008 Topps Chrome Refractor question.

    I have this 2008 Topps Chrome Gold Refractor of Peterson, but there are some things I am wondering about it:

    1st- It is not serial numbered or encased like they were supposed to be.

    2nd- It does not have the "TC" prefix the regular Chromes do. The regular Chrome AP from the set is #TC39, but this one is just a regular 298.

    3rd- It doesn't say "Refractor" on the back (even though it clearly is).

    I've looked on eBay and COMC and can't find one like it.

    Any help as to what this card is will be appreciated. Thanks! Here are the pictures of it:

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    Looks like bronze ref that didn't get numbered
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    Quote Originally Posted by rickysigai View Post
    Looks like bronze ref that didn't get numbered
    I have a Gold encased Refractor of him as well and they look the same, color wise. But this one doesn't say Refractor under the number like the others or have the TC prefix before the card number. This card is number 298 while the normal Chrome base of this card is number TC39. It has me stumped for sure.

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    Well, it's not an error from what I can tell. Beckett had it listed as this:

    Not entirely sure as to where or how to get these, but it looks like it had to have been some type of promo for 2008 Topps (found this one and a McFadden one when looking around).

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    If memory serves me correctly those were preview cards that was inserted into 2007 Topps factory sets.

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