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Thread: Anthony Gonzalez cards

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    Anthony Gonzalez cards

    Is there any interest in these anymore. I have all the high end cards including exquisite.. I have 99% of his Autographed cards.. Feedback would be appreciated

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    He is done with football, but still has his OSU fan base. His low/mis-end stuff will go for $1-4 and the nicer stuff will go for around $7-10 and the highest end could fetch $20 or so. Base/rookies would sell in a large lot. I would list the collection as a whole and you would get maximum value without singling it all out.
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    Thats what i figured. I dont have the common unsigned rookies, only the autograph items including exquisite spx

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    Yeah whatever happened to that guy anyway. If you were interested in trading any of his rookies or autos individually LMK what you would be looking for in exchange.
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    He's done, but being a buckeye I may have interest...lmk what you need or if you are trading.
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