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    What kind of BV does this deserve?

    Pulled this the other day (as many of u read in the "box breaks")

    What kind of BV or trade value should i ask for it?

    Roy Williams(Cowboys)2005 Donruss Gridiron Gear Past and Present Jerseys Jumbo Swatch #ed 21/23 (huge white swatch)

    Rob H.

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    probably won`t have a value due to the low print run. Only way to really find out what it`s worth is to list it on eBay and see what someone is willing to pay for it. I would guesstimate around $150-$175. Just my guess.

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    I think that $150 is way too much. I have Vick 3 color patches numbered /21 and they only book at $75

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    honestly, i would say $30 max.......look at all the donruss products and see patches like carson palmer /25 book for $25-$30

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    I would probably say around $50, $65 max...

    Palmer cards aren't really worth that much... but Williams is playing good

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