i have an unique item that is never seen on these boards for the true team/oddball collectors. they are matchcovers from the 1930's - 1950's featuring players from the following teams:
eagles, bears and redskins.
i am asking 10.00 per cover. if interested, i can list the players available and send a picture. let me know if anyone is intersted.

not trading these at this time just selling for 10.00/cover delivered.
thanks. (tom hess)

here are some names and color variations:

some extra bears available:
raymond nolting- red , tan, and green
william conkright- red,
keith molesworth- red, and tan
william pollack- green and tan
jules carlson- tan
william hewitt- green
john sisk- red
edgar manske- tan, and red
vernon oech- green and red
henry hammond- red and tan
russell thompson- red and tan
milton trost- tan and red
john doering- red and green
delbort bjork- tan and green
joseph zeller- tan, red, and green
john manders- tan and red
richard plasman- tan
eugene ronzani- tan
edward kawal- green

eagles available:
bill brian- red and tan
art buss- red and green
joe carter- red
swede hanson- green and tan
john kusko- tan and red
jim leonard- tan
james (big jim) macmurdo- red and tan
ed manske- tan and red
forrest mcpherson- tan
george mulligan- red and green
joe pilconis- green and tan
hank reese- red and tan
jim russell- red and green
dave smuckler- tan
pete stevens- green and red
john griffin thomason- tan and red
vince zizak- green
let me know.
thanks (tom hess)