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    A Game-Used Goalie Helmet? Nice New Addition To My Project!

    Hello fellow members,

    Whether you may know or not, I am trying an ambitious lifelong project to acquire at least one game-used piece of memorabilia of every goaltender to ever play in the NHL. While I have a comfortable chunk of stuff already, I still require about 900 more to reach completion. I have some nice stuff used in players' only NHL games, final NHL games, etc.

    I love sticks because they are inexpensive and plentiful solutions to the ultra-high end players, or old school players. I have some epic plans for this project for the future so I want to mix it up with all sorts of memorabilia. I currently have a few jerseys, a few sticks, and I finally added a new type of memorabilia to my collection, a game used goalie helmet.

    No, this helmet is not NHL game-used as I would go broke from a single purchase, however, this helmet was worn and used by one of the players on my wantlist for the project.

    This helmet was used in the 1995-96 season for the OHL's Detroit Whalers. The player who used it was Mike Minard. Just who exactly is this guy, you may ask? Well, Minard was drafted 83rd overall by the Edmonton Oilers in the 1995 NHL Entry Draft. He played one NHL game in his career, a 33 save, 6-3 victory over the Calgary Flames on April 8, 2000. Yes, this isn't exactly an NHL game-used helmet, but for a player who played a single game in the league, I will take whatever game-used I can get of them. So now, without further delay, here it is, my first ever game-used goalie helmet:

    So there you go! Tough to photomatch because OHL pictures are few and far between, but believe me, if someone wanted to sell a fake helmet, they'd choose someone more noteworthy than Mike Minard to pass it off as.
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    Congratulations on the game-used mask, Bruce. They're without question the coolest piece of sports equipment in the world. So personal, so unique, so different from the next one... and with puck marks, chips, scrapes and more, they're truly worthy of a spot in a collector's PC.


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    Awesome piece. And as the other fella said. Personial and unique. As its a goalies piece

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    WOW good luck with your collection. I actuall know of Mike Minard. When he played for the St. John's Maple Leafs (AHL) he actually dated my sister. He had an awsome Charity when he was with the "baby Leafs" called Mike's Minis" dealing with sick kids. He is a very classey guy.

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