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    shaq auto,kg auto jsy, mashburn jsy /7 for trade

    i have these cards for trade:

    00-01 pros and prospects kg auto jsy
    02-03 stadium club shaq auto
    01-02 ex jamal mashburn jsy card numbered to 7

    looking for highend autos in return


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    would u do your kg auto jersey and jamison auto or kedrick brown auto for my kg auto jersey or shaq auto


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    ill do my garnett UC auto, the jamison auto and a jersey for the garnett....yes im bothering you some more...all part of my grand master plan...fwahahahahahah

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    My son is interested in the Garnett auto jersey, additional to what is listed we have a Topps Ten IA jersey and a McGRady Hoops Hot Prospects and a McGrady Big Shoots....check our site and LMK. Thanks Ray

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