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    artifact box break, gr8 auto hit !

    hall patch /75
    ovi auto jersey /12

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    Nice box! Never bad with an ovi auto or a Hall patch or a Canucks redemption ;)
    Main wants: Schneider Cup RPA, OEL 1/1s and highends
    The not-so updated (In other words, 3/4 of it is sold) Hidden Content

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    four memorabilia hits, solid.
    Hidden Content

    [Only interested in Canucks Autographs and/or Cash]

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    Solid break
    Collecting Phil Kessel, Anna Kournikova & Danica Patrick cards! Trading for my PC only. Got Kessel let me know
    Hidden Content (Bucket is not up to date)
    Hidden Content

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    Killer hits for that box, congrats. If the Neely and Ovechkin are available, check me for 'em.
    Hidden Content
    Main PC: Cam Neely, Secondary PC: Alex Ovechkin & Boston Bruins
    Cards for trade or sale: Hidden Content

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