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Thread: snowed in let's trade

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    snowed in let's trade

    I'm trying this again i would like to get some trades done.Looking for high end hof autos.I'm intrested in autos of these players but would look at trade list or sites.For example if intrested in a $200 auto please have $200 autos to offer.Not really looking to trade a $200 auto for a bunch of $10 autos.Unless it would be in my favor.I'm looking for autos of Favre,Jeter,Ripken,Montana,Brady,Pujols,Steve Van Buren,Marino,Roethlisberger,richie ashburn,or high end Short print autos,or high end hof autos.Would also like walter payton,johnny unitas,would trade in your favor for these.Check my trade list or my site for pictures of the high end autos.The phillies and yankees balls are also for trade.thanks.steve

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    Hey, have something you might like:
    2005 Pristine Uncirculated Bronze Alex Rodriguez Autograph Encased 10/18
    (one sold for $415 after release)
    Am interested in your Ripken and Jeter AUs, or let me know what else you have. IM me at bchrome777 or PM me.

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    PSUrrender-sorry not really looking for arod thanks.steve

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    well 18 inches of snow fell.i'm in for the day let's get some trades done.thanks.steve

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