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    Andrew Luck auto /99 and Calvin Johnson Auto Patch /25 ft/s

    Im just looking for something nice. Peterson and paypal are a plus.


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    peterson who ? >>.a p or patrick peterson

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    Joe- I am at work but I will check when I get home tonight.

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    Please cmb for both! THANKS
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    I trade by bv, sv, whichever makes the most sense in that deal. Don't expect me to accept a deal that you wouldn't if the roles were reversed!! Will get to the PO when I can. Let me know when you plan to send out unless you are MSF.

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    check me for the luck. I have a peterson graded RC, but if not maybe something else will catch ur eye.

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    Have Peterson gold leaf limited rookie auto patch /25 if interested

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    joe- Sorry I didnt really see anything I can use.

    cj- I kind of like these bradford & blackmon

    fish- sorry, I didnt see anything I can use.

    Tuck- I like the peterson, pm me what your thinking.

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