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    Where do you buy vintage cards & unopenex packs?

    I don't really collect vintage cards but I have started a set to try and get one card showing the career stats of great players to play before the mid-90s (already had one going for post-90s since that's when I started watching hockey). The list is about 230 players and growing atm but I'd like to get a few vintage cards from before the mid-70s for some of these guys rather than just a Fleer Legacy or OPC Legends type card. The one I love is the 71/72 OPC/Topps design though those seem to be a bit pricier, even made some custom cards based on those.

    Anyways I'd love to know any places other than eBay/COMC which sell base singles like those, I'm assuming they won't be the 20 to 50 cent type and I'm looking for a decent player like Cashman and not necessarily a Bobby Orr or Esposito but hopefully within a couple dollars.

    Also is there a retailer maybe in Canada which sells unopened packs of cards from before the 80s? I don't expect to get anything for a hit so not looking for value, just thought it'd be cool to have a few of those cards and get a feel for them especially the 60s stuff which seems to be about twice as much as 70s. Do card shows also carry these types of packs? And does anyone have a favourite vintage design? I tend to focus more on the back of the card because I like to see the stats so I love the ones showing year by yr stats rather than a paragraph of text.

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    I would try for base singles. I took a quick look and depending on condition, there were some base cards from 71/72 OPC for $0.35/each.
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    Oh what a beauty, I remember going to that site once but completely forgot it, it's perfect and has tonnes of cards.

    Only thing that sucks is that unlike COMC or CanadianHC, they ship from different sellers so I don't wanna end up buying 20 different cards and paying shipping to 20 different sellers so have to look through it a bit and sort it out but they have exactly what I was looking for (though they don't have unopened packs but that's okay).

    These are the ones I designed as customs cos I love that 1971-72 OPC design so much although I made the back look a bit different to match the front theme. I hope some company does a retro parallel for this.

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    Nice customs there And can't help ya on any info I know I have about 20-25 71/72 but am going for the set one day lol

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    I did find one, baseball card exchange. It's fairly pricey though especially because some of the ones like 71/72 are graded. In that case it would just be cheaper to buy a tonne of those from sportlots for the price of that pack.

    The 77-79 ones though are $10-20 per pack which isn't too bad:

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    Careful with custom cards.

    You don't own the old OPC Design or have permission to use it, and you don't own or have permission to use the Flyers Logo, and Uniform nor the Avalanche logo or custom designs.

    I was a Trade Mark Officer for my company for 20 years, you simply cannot use Tradmarked or Service Marked items that you don't own willy-nilly without corporate permission.

    You also do not have the permission of the Player themselves or the NHLPA to use their likeness.

    Just trying to protect you from something that is harmless fun, yet still unlawful.

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    ^ I never plan to sell those though, they're for my PC and possibly TTM so that's pretty much fine....tonnes of people are doing it and for sure it's not illegal (there's even a custom cards forum section here in the TTM part) though if you print the card from Staples or somewhere they get fussy. I started making them because I got frustrated at not being able to find any base cards showing the career stats of several notable retired players (for example they'd make a card for Niedermayer or Lidstrom or Sakic or Howe's or whomever after they retire showing most of their career stats but they won't make one for a Samuel Pahlsson or Mike Comrie or Sandis Ozolinsh). So that's why I designed the customs, I can put all their career stats on the back. I do understand your concern but it's not really different from a blogger putting up a logo or copyrighted image on his site.

    Anyways, I think a card expo is gonna be the only place that's good for finding old packs. If anyone has links to some youtube vids opening a pack of 50s/60s/1971 cards then let me know. Would also be nice if a card company printed vintage looking cards on that same type of card stock, I know Champ's and OPC series types replicate the design but not that old paper.

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    It's not pretty much fine, You've released this on a public forum. As I mentioned, you are not doing it for profit, but you still do not have permission, even to take it to this point. You simply do no have permission.

    Anybody that is a litigator or any type of patent lawyer will tell you this. Never use something proprietary that you do not own or without a company's permission. Even the most innocuous little fun things send corporate officers into a legal hissy-fit.

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    Corporate officers are also generally tools of the highest order. The transformative nature and non-commercial use of Sportfreund's custom cards easily allow for a "fair use" argument (obviating the need for permission). Yes, you could probably find a crotchety old judge who would order them stricken from a public forum, but that's about the extent of it.
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    Not so. All you need is any officer or manager, even employee to see something Trademarked that is being used in a deleterious manner to that intended by the owner.

    Corporate officers, legal eagles are of course all tools, however that does not deaden the scope of Trademark infringement. I worked for a company that had a Logo that people copied with impunity, and used it for their own personal enjoyment without monetary gain. No harm no Foul, still legally wrong and unlawful.

    Whenever it was encountered, the party infringing were given enough time to make the items disappear before legal complaint was lodged. Only once did the law have to be approached, simply because the violator believed he could do anything he damn well wanted to with proprietary property that was not his own.

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