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    Talking $100 Paypal for the best Auto/GU lot....

    Hi everyone...I have $100 paypal to spend on the best lot of gu and autos I can get.Please don't ask me to look at a list as I won't have time.I am also looking for good players and not a bunch of common players.If you have a good lot please post it here and I will take the best lot by this evening...Mainly collect hof'ers,but open to any good players.Will also except good vintage as well.well get those lots together....

  2. Kronozio
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    Check this lot out;

    2004 Prime Cuts- Lou Brock jsy/bat/auto #'rd/25

    2005 Topps Pristine Uncommon Personal Endorsements- Aaron Boone auto
    2005 Topps Pristine Personal Endorsement- Livan Hernandez auto

    2001 SPX Winning Materials- Kent/Bonds/Aurilia tripel gu jsy

    2002 UD Diamond Connection-Brian Giles gu jsy #'rd 624/775

    2003 UD MVP Covering the bases- Ivan Rodriguez gu base (big piece of base)

    2005 Diamond Kings- JD Drew dual bat #'rd 198/200
    2005 Topps Pristine- Johnn Damon uncommon gu bat #'rd 414/500
    2005 Topps Pristine- Eric Gagne uncommon gu jersey #'rd 93/500
    2005 Topps Pristine- Gary Sheffield uncommon gu bat #'rd158/500
    2005 Topps Pristine- Bobby Crosby gu bat #'rd 17/425
    2005 Topps Pristine- Paul Konerko uncommon gu bat #'rd 147/500
    2005 Topps Pristine- Travis Hafner gu bat #'rd 164/400
    2005 Topps Pristine- Adrian Beltre uncommon gu bat #'rd 255/425
    2005 Topps Pristine- Adrian Beltre uncommon bat card #'rd 44/200
    2005 Topps Pristine- Nomar Garciaparra uncommon gu bat #'rd 298/500
    2005 Topps Pristine0 Kevin Millar gu bat #'rd 170/425
    2005 Topps Pristine-Javy Lopez gu bat #'rd 6/425
    2005 Topps Pristine-Jeff Bagwell uncommon gu jsy #'rd 93/500 (w/pinstripe)
    2005 Topps Pristine-Edgar Renteria gu bat #'rd 188/425
    2005 Topps Pristine- Kaz Ishii gu jsy #'rd 135/500
    2005 Topps Pristine-Mark Lowell gu bat #'rd 320/425
    2005 Topps Pristine- Johnny Estrada gu bat #'rd 11/425
    2005 Topps Pristine-Ivan Rodiguez uncommon jsy #'rd 171/500
    2005 Topps Pristine-Mark Loretta gu bat #'rd 34/425
    2005 Topps Pristine-Ryan Drese uncommon #'rd 371/500
    2005 Topps Pristine- Ivan Rodriguez uncommon gu jsy #'rd 19/200
    2005 Topps Pristine-Eric Chavez uncommon gu bat #'rd 66/500
    2005 Topps Pristine-Michael Young uncommon gu jsy #'rd 191/500
    2005 Topps Pristine-Victor Martinez gu bat #'rd 306/425
    2005 Topps Pristine-todd Helton uncommon gu jsy #'rd 141/500
    2005 Topps Pristine-Shawn Green gu bat #'rd 295/425

    2005 SP Legendary Cuts Legendary Lineage- Bobby Doerr gu jsy
    2005 Sp Legendary Cuts Classic Careers- Bobby Murcer gu jsy (yankee pinstripe)
    2005 SP Legendary Cuts Glory Days- George foster gu jsy
    2005 SP Legendary Cuts Lasting Legends- Dwight Gooden #'rd 66/75
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    how about
    05 prime cuts willy mays jrsy/bat/jrsy/bat numbrd to 50
    05 prime cuts ernie banks jrsy/bat/hat/bat numbrd to 50
    05 legendary cuts auto warren spahn 19/92
    04 leaf limited satchell paige jersey 29/100

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    02 gotg johnny bench patch /100
    05 mlb artifacts killebrew/carew dual jersey /25
    02 fleer fall calssics roger maris pants
    05 sweet spot classic carl yaz jersey
    05 splegendary cuts phil niekro jersey
    04 sp authentic dennis eckersley gold auto /40


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    anyone else have an offer? plmk!
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