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Thread: Steal on a Bob Feller 8 x 10

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    Steal on a Bob Feller 8 x 10

    Yesterday I was at the sports memorbilia store at the mall. I was flipping through their binder of signed 8 x 10's, looking for a steal on something, and then I came across a signed Bob Feller 8 x 10. I flipped it over and the price tag said $9.00. I had to read it a couple of times to make sure it was for real. I checked out the COA and everything looked legit. Then I took it out and purchased it. I expected to have to put up a fight to get it for $9 but I didn't.

    Then again, this is the same story where I purched an Ilya Kovalchuk RC that books $125 for $.25.

    Heck of a steal. Thought I would share.

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    Nice find... I rarely come across anything that nice for that cheap around here.


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    I have 4 Bob Feller Donruss Greats Autos and I think I picked up one of em for like 6$ dvld. The other ones cost between 10-12 dvld.

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    nice item...but that is a fairly standard price...even lower around here in Ohio. He signs everything.

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    Bob Feller should have both arms cut off, he signs sooooooooooooooo much, when i lived in Vegas i worked at a card shop and the owner had Feller come in and sign 2500 Homeplates and 1000 Balls. Just think, that was one sitting

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