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    Ebay MJ Auto.. real or fake? 30 MIN LEFT!!

    the only reaso i askl is why do hes cards sell cheap/

    100% pos feedback?... plz someone check it.. im a noob

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    Hey I will give ya a few things to think about.

    #1 First off, welcome to SCF :D Hope you enjoy your stay

    #2 The seller is in Taiwan

    #3 The card doesnt even look like a major card company produced it

    #4 The fact that its a hand signature
    #4a A fake auto


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    Not even close. A very poor forgery IMO. I could do a better job with a silver sharpie and an MJ card. Stay away.

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    sorry about these mulitple threads'
    i was trying to get an answer befroe the auction ended.
    mods can delete em now if they want,
    sorry for making you press extra buttons

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