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Thread: History of Hockey Masterpieces

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    History of Hockey Masterpieces

    Check out some new images posted on my Blog.

    I really think collectors are going to love History of Hockey.

    Brian Price

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    Just Wow !!!! Another Great concept by the ITG team. Congratulation !

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    Those look incredible. Some very nice re-creations of iconic images and figures in the history of our sport.
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    Very nice looking cards. I am looking forward to seeing the complete checklist for this set.
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    Those are completely in-sane. I don't even have the words....................
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    I am flabbergasted - just great stuff, super concept - can't wait!

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    Who needs Picaso, Rembrant, da Vinci, Monet or van Gogh.

    Wouldn't want to get a card from the History of Art with those first 2 names on them. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonpop View Post
    Who needs Picaso, Rembrant, da Vinci, Monet or van Gogh.

    Wouldn't want to get a card from the History of Art with those first 2 names on them. lol
    Neither would I. They couldn't skate

    Great looking cards. I wouldn't mind tying into one of those
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    words cannot describe how much I want to buy a box
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    Finally, finally, FINALLY!! I feel like I've been harping on ITG for almost a decade now to get innovative (Actually innovative, not, "Hey-we're-innovative-for-what's-out-there" innovative) and hot damn, if this History of Hockey release isn't EXACTLY what I've been asking for! Seriously. I purchased a few boxes of ITG product waaaaaay back in 2001 or 2002 or whenever they still had the BAP license, got a bum box (3 autos in the entire box when it was supposed to be an auto/pack deal) and then received the WORST customer service, ever! (It's a long story. I opened the box at the store, many, many packs had no auto's in them, the store owner called ITG, vouched for me, sent a letter, etc., ITG were HUGE dicks, never got any type of replacement, etc.) Hey wait a minute, that long story was just told! Guess not as long as I thought. But I feel I may have digressed. Where are my pants?! Anywho, I was put off of ITG after that. Didn't purchase any more cases/boxes/packs, realised that there was no need and slowly but surely over the years left the hobby (Had nothing to do with ITG. Just simple logic; "Hey! None of this stuff is worth anything and I spend over $1,000/month on it!!")

    I came soooooooooooo close to picking up cases of Superlative when it was first released, but then saw it was more Superfluous than anything. And as time has gone on, I've piped in every once in a while asking the same question, "If you aren't restricted by a license, why can't you do something truly beyond what is being done? But in a quality way?" After all, execution is just as important as implementation.

    But then History of Hockey was announced. I did what I always do when I get the ITG email update, I clicked the link, checked out the product and... hot dang! This! THIS was what I'd been waiting for! I couldn't believe how awesome the concept was and, more importantly, how well executed it seemed like it was going to be. As soon as I saw the press release I knew I had to purchase at least one case. Now, with these HAND-PAINTED cards with memorabilia on each card I am seriously considering getting 3-4 cases. I kid you not! If I don't get at least two cases of product, I'm going to be furious! And I haven't purchased a SINGLE ITG product in at least 8-10 years!

    So, I'm going to give credit where credit is due; Dr. Price GREAT job on this product! It's exactly what a serious, picky collector wants. I'm that rare type of collector who is very finicky and I'm pleased to say that to me, this series seems to have everything! I'm actually excited about the release. Excited!! I don't get excited about stuff like "The Cup", "Dominion", etc., because that stuff is all very common. You can get that anywhere, anytime. But this series feels very unique and limited. I Can't wait!!

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