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    Deadshot's Success Thread (Basketball)

    Hey guys,

    Will most likely be doing just basketball in this thread. Right now I'd like to focus on autographs from the ABA. Still trying to round up some more cards to sent out.

    Today's success comes from the first high school athlete to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Rick Mount. I sent this out on 10/28 so that's a pretty quick turnaround.
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    Way to go! nice pick up!

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    Got Louie Dampier back in the mail today 2/2 for yet another quick turnaround (also sent on 10/28). That makes for 2 Kentucky Colonels players this week. Now I need to get some more cards to send out...
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    Got Larry Brown today 2/2, sent out on 11/5/11. The marker he signed with didn't turn out too well but I'm thankful for the signatures nonetheless.

    Also got a RTS from Ron Boone, so I will be looking for another working address.
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    Those ABA ones look incredible, great signatures!

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    Awesome cards mate ! they look amazing :)

    This will soon become my favourite thread with all the bball in this !

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    Another great ABA coaching success and basketball HOFer today in Hubie Brown. Really quick turnaround. Signed a blank index card and a Kentucky Colonels team card
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    2 more in today. Billy Keller and Ron Boone. Keller was nice enough to print out a little snippet about himself from and sign it!
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    Cool that you are concentrating on ABA. Very cool.
    Nice going so far.
    - Andy

    Beckett Basketball Plus Super Collector - Spring '06
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