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Thread: Read any good books lately?

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    Read any good books lately?

    Enjoying a lazy Saturday curled up on the sofa with a few good books, thought I'd share them...

    From 11-12 Dominion - took me a little while when I first saw the players on the card to figure out what they all had in common, finally clued in that their jersey numbers are 11, 22, 33, etc... thank goodness it ends where it does at #88, as I think it woulda hurt the wallet a lot more if they tacked on a certain #99 at the end. Isn't it always the case that your PC guy is the one with the crappiest single-colour swatch on a big multiplayer patch card?

    Also from 11-12 Dominion, the Swedish Crazy 8's booklet - still looking for the patches x/5 to complete the rainbow if anyone can help me find it.

    It still hurts each time I have to add a Boston / Vancouver card to the collection, the card companies just have to keep rubbing it in That being said, looking for the prime x/3 version if anyone has seen it.

    Let's see, what other goodies do I have to show today... how about some Prime?

    Love the rainbows of dual/quad player cards - some of them really pop with nice visual appeal...

    The Seams Incredible is a neat idea for a rather unique part of the jersey - still looking for the Daniel...

    Love the All-Star nameplates, might be crazy but I'm trying for the whole print run, if you know of anyone who has one (including the autographed redemptions) please give me a shout

    Also I'm always trying to complete a full game-worn nameplate - part way there for Daniel, always looking for any Sedin game-worn letters from this or any set...

    Collision course was a neat idea, love the helmet sticker..

    A bit Daniel-heavy so far in the scans above, let's show off some Hank...

    Hmm, what else have I picked up recently... ah yes, from the Cup, the Quads... (still looking for the Trios Patches x/10 and Henrik Patch x/10)

    This one's a beauty, also have the regular 1/1 black parallel incoming which will complete my Daniel rainbow from the set.

    Haven't picked up much ITG lately (looking forward to Superlative), but just one cool piece to wrap up the show... the "A" in JOFA...

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    AMAZING pickups. And yes the boston/Vancouver booklet makes me sick too.

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    Amazing cards. Congratulations on the additions to your PC.
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    Another unreal show.

    Very well done. Congrats
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    KA-BOOOM!!!!! Some amazing pickups as always.
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