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Thread: My Ultimate Sting PC pickup!!

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    My Ultimate Sting PC pickup!!

    finally got my hands on this.

    i could have 500 autos and 1,000 1/1s and none of them would compare to this. as a life long sting fan, it doesnt get any better then this.

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    Super collecting brock lesnar also collecting ufc autos an multi color relics red ink autos

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    very nice n u got it for a niceprice i know were u got it nice pick up

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    thx. yea got a sweet deal on it. dount think he woulda went for it if it was going for a resell, but he knows im a diehard sting fan and collector so made me a good deal

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    that is a nice card, i always liked the idea of the face paint card. Great add to any PC especially if your a sting fan. congrats. is that a 1/1???
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    thanks. no its not a 1/1, but really to me it is. its actually numbered /5. but the numbering doesnt matter to me. 1/1 or 10000/10000, this thing is crazy. the face paint came from the same person and same event, so to me one isnt worth any more then the other just bc its a different border color.

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    That is a beautiful card. Congrats on the pick up.
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