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Thread: 12/13 OPC Case Break Results

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    12/13 OPC Case Break Results

    I am trying to complete all 4 sets (reg,retro,rainbow,black rainbow) of the12/13 OPC. I figured a case of the stuff would get me a good start. These are the hits from that case.


    TL-09 Chicago Blackhawks
    TL-12 Dallas Stars TRADED
    TL-22 N.Y. Rangers
    TL-79 Montreal Canadians (1-1922 packs)

    OPC Signatures

    OPC-SG Sam Gagne TRADED
    OPC-EN Evgeni Nabokov (1-1429)

    Team Canada Autos

    TC-MS Martin St.Louis (1-1633) TRADED

    OPC Black and White

    #25 Ondrej Pavelec

    Blank Banks

    Milan Hedjuk TRADED
    Andrei Kostitsyn
    Scott Glennie rc

    I also have for trade

    1 base set (1-500)
    TONS of base
    lots of rookies and legends
    11 Pop-Ups
    27 Stickers
    12 Rainbows
    84 Retros

    I will be listing them all in a trade page in the trader section.

    I am still looking for Retros, Rainbow and Black Rainbow to finish out my sets. Will also sell.
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    Hello Zunato,

    I currently have something like 400 retros that I may want to trade. Your three patches are interesting for me. Let me know if we may find common ground here.
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    Let me know what pop ups you have for trade. I'm still looking for a bunch.
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    Please, no more offers for tradebait. I have enough of it as it is.

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    Let me know what you need. I have all of my retros left (200ish)
    Bobby Ryan PC wants
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    PM sent, lmk about the logos

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    What are you looking for on the Canadians and hawks patch?

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