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    Looking to trade!!! Let me know

    Looking to trade, so check out my site

    My Website

    Let me know whatcha like, I am looking for:

    1- LaDainian Tomlinson
    2- Willis McGahee
    3- Reggie Brown
    4- Donovan McNabb
    5- Steven Jackson
    6- Kevin Jones
    7- Tatum Bell
    8- Brian Westbrook

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    You got some nice stuff. Please view my tradelist for this:
    Boldin SP Sig auto rc

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    You might like these

    04 Kevin Jones Topps Pristine Jsy PSA 10-incoming
    Ladanian Presspass rookie
    also have a Stephen Jackson Jrsy Incoming ill let you know when i recieve if your interested in these

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    viking- didnt see anything i could use off your you by any chance have any autos not listed?

    dilly- not interested in graded cards...have the tomlinson, what brand is the SJ?

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    Not really, sorry. Few autos I have for sale, but doubt youd need any.

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    check my site before I check yours. I should have a few you might need. Thankyou

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    khaotic- i like this
    2002 Bowman Chrome #223 Brian Westbrook (AUTO RC!) $50.00

    see if i have anything to even it up to get it from you

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    eh not sure i wanna trade a rc auto for that.. anything else? if not what can i buy it for

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