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    Is anyone interested in buying TEAM ?

    I have tons of base cards I have recently divided them into team lots. I would like to sell them as many as possible, I am just running out of room. If you let me know the team you want, I will PM a list of each card. I will not break the team lots up, it kind of defeats the whole purpose. I am not looking to get rich off of these lots, prices will be very fair.


  2. Kronozio
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    After going through more of these cards I found that I also have a lot more inserts and rc's then I thought. I will include them into the lots as well. LMK how big of a lot you want, I have at least 50 cards from each team in a lot (except the Texans) I will break them up to get rid of some of these excess cards.

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    PM being sent to both atrain and leftyshan

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    happen to find any patrick craytons in there?

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    I will keep my eyes open. I am still tyring to type the list as I get requests. I will add atrain's and then go through for any Crayton's I might have for you...I still want that Brian St.Pierre Fresh.Orien. for my set.

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    okay let me know what you can come up with looking mainly for ones I need

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    what do you have in the way of bears cards i'll take as big a lot as i can afford

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