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    Lightbulb I have EVERY 1984 TOPPS CARD, TELL ME WHAT YOU NEED!!!

    I am selling these cards for a friend of mine. He has all the 1984 Topps cards, and doubles of some. I am NOT looking for trades, only selling. MAke offers, and I will get back to you, thanks,,, jon

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    What condition are the Marino and Elway in and can you provide a scan?

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    john- I will have to ask my friend about it, no scans ATM, but we will see. Ill get back to ya.

    Rookie- The book value is $20 and it is mint, so I dont think $2 is adequate.

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    why does your friend not sign up on this board (you get referral points to boot)?

    Then, he can sell his own cards.

    In my experience, selling cards for someone else has too many perils to even attampt a transaction.

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    He is to busy to do this kind of stuff, and does not know a lot about cards, so i want to make sure he gets good deals, and im just a nice guy

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    christ your right i didnt know it was at 20 , i know most you guys use beckett i was looking out of tuff stuff from last month and it said 8, i wasnt trying to low ball you

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    Thats a good question, Beckett makes things a little too high, Tuff Stuff goes more by online auction selling prices

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