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    Mark Martin Autographs and Race Used for Trade

    I am a Mark Martin fan. I desided to downsize my collection some. Below you will find some Mark Martin Race used and Autograph cards. They are all in mint condition and the Autographs are very nice. I will trade for Biffle or Edwards Race Used or Autographs Trade or Best Offer! Will to listen to any cash offers.

    00' Maxximum Teammates Autograph Martin/Kenseth
    96' Classic Visions Signings #279/315
    95' Upper Deck Autograph
    04' Press Pass Autograph
    99' High Gear wheels 183/200

    Race Used
    99' Wheels Flag Chasers Yellow #DS4 50/69
    99' Wheels Flag Chaser Green #DS4 34/65
    03' Wheels Flag Chaser Yellow #FC9 #18/90
    06' Premium Burn Outs #HT14 827/1050
    01' Premium Hot Treads #HT13 251/1665
    02' Press Pass Hot Treads #HT6 137/2300
    05' Ledgends Double Threads Martin/Busch #328/375

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    I got a fair amout of Biffle autos. Just gotta dig em out if your interested.

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    Yes if you could dig them out maybe we could work out a trade. Let me know

    Thanks, George

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    Ok here is what i have for Biffle and Edwards stuff

    Carl Edwards Race Used:
    2008 press pass premium Hot threads firesuit
    2008 VIP Get a Grip RU glove
    2008 PP Sponsor Swatch RU shirt
    2009 Wheels Stop and Go swatches pit banner
    2006 Burnouts RU tire
    2009 Solar Swatches Eclipes letter A
    2008 Eclipse car cover
    2009 Premium fire suit
    2009 Hat Dance Triple hat

    Greg Biffle Race Used:
    2012 Ignite firesuit
    2009 Sponsor Swatch shirt
    2011 Eclipse RU tire
    2006 Eclipse car cover

    Greg Biffle Autos:
    2009 Wheels auto
    2008 Press Pass auto
    2010 Element auto
    2010 Premium auto
    2006 Wheels auto
    All are on card

    Let me know. Thanks. PM works best.

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    i have a couple autos you may be interested in
    2012 ignite ru auto #/20 carl edwards 3 color patch
    2012 ignite ru auto 3 clr patch

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