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    USC 38-31
    Alabama 17-13
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    Oregon 42-31
    Alabama 24-9

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    oregon 49-38
    alabama 24-10
    Winning means you're willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else

    - Vince Lombardi

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    Congrats to our two different winners this week!

    For the Oregon/USC game, nobody guessed the correct score, correct winning team score, or correct losing team score. That brought it to margin of victory, and both tk10775 and phillyteamhater guessed an 11 point margin. It was tk10775, however, who came closest to the score of the winner, Oregon, w/o going over, so CONGRATS TO TK10775!

    The big winner this week, however, is silvernblack.

    In the Alabama/LSU game, nobody guessed the correct score or the correct winning team score. Both silvernblack and christianfriend guessed the correct score of the loser, LSU, with 17. However, we had to go to tiebreaker #6, the closest score of the winner while still going over, to separate the two, and with silvernblack guessing lower, he not only gets the win for this game, but takes SOLE POSSESSION of FIRST PLACE, with just his second win of the season. CONGRATS!

    Looking forward to all of your guesses next week... the thread will be up tonight!

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